Training Skills

Have you ever tried to learn a skill from someone who was a master at the task, but unskilled as a teacher? If so, you’ll recognise how much more efficient and effective “properly” trained instructors can be when it comes to getting learning across in a meaningful, practical and enjoyable way. The MLR Training Skills programmes focus on skills to support trainers in planning and structuring learning, by involving learners and encouraging them to “have a go”, through active participation. Trainee trainers and instructors on these courses will learn also the value of flexibility, of being able to present learning in a variety of ways to appeal to the different individuals and groups who will learn from them.

Training Skills Programmes:

Introduction to Training and Instruction - 2 days

Train the Trainer - 3 days plus 1 day follow up

Advanced Training Skills - 6 day programme in three 2 day workshops

  • Masterclass in Training Presentations
  • Leading Discussions and Facilitation Skills for Trainers
  • Creating Relevant and Energising Training Activities

The Trainer as Facilitator - 2 days